3 Reasons Why I Make a Great Wedding Photographer

Crystal Torres Photographer holds camera up to shoot a photo.

Crystal Torres

February 28, 2021

Hey Loves!

So this blog post is going to be a bit of a humble brag, as I go into 3 reasons why I make a great wedding photographer (or, photographer in general). I am normally super shy and modest about myself and my work, but over the years, I have been learning a very important lesson: CONFIDENCE IS KEY. I want you, my wonderful future client friends, to know without a doubt, that you have someone awesome with you behind the camera. Keep reading for 3 reasons why I make a great wedding photographer.


Ok, so I know what you’re thinking. Why is “passion” on the list? Well, to be honest, I have met photographers who look at their craft as just a job. I love photography for photography’s sake. It’s something that I love doing. It’s a an outlet for me to create and express myself. When I get to capture special moments for wonderful couples such as yourselves, it truly brings me so much joy! It’s even more amazing when the client or couple trusts me enough to truly let my creativity flow freely; that’s when the real magic is made!

I know what I’m doing.

From both behind and also in front of the camera. I have spent lots of time and money learning about my craft, upgrading my equipment, learning how to shoot beautiful images in different lighting situations, etc. I love learning new tricks and adding more skills to my repertoire. I have also learned how to better connect with my clients so that they don’t feel awkward in front of the camera! This is so important to me, because the last thing anyone wants are awkward poses or weird facial expressions in their photos. Research and vendor relations are also a huge deal for me. I love being able to successfully answer client’s questions about great engagement photo locations or what florist I recommend for their micro wedding!

I love to make it FUN.

To piggyback off of the last bullet point, having fun makes for even better images! I love to learn all about my couples, so I can know how to better connect with you during our sessions. Tell me what your favorite songs, sports teams or foods are! Let’s dance, sing, tell jokes, run around and just be carefree during your session. Your photo session should feel like a fun date. Laughter, genuine emotions, awesome, flattering poses and sweet candid moments are the the goal here. I want to give you timeless, beautiful photos that you are proud to show off and display.

In Conclusion..

I hope this little blog post has given you better insight to who I am and what I am about. I take photography seriously, but love to have fun with it as well. Most of all, I truly enjoy making genuine connections with my couples. Hopefully these 3 reasons why I make a great wedding photographer were fun for you to read. Thanks for stopping by!


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