How to Dress for your Wedding

closeup of the bride in her wedding dress by the water. How to Dress for your Elopement

Crystal Torres

March 8, 2021

Hey Lovers! This post is for those of you who are trying to figure out how to dress for your wedding, or adventure elopement. Since a mountain top or waterfall in the Hudson Valley is the perfect place to get hitched, I wanted to give a little guidance about the best and most practical style to use for your wedding day. In my previous post, I went into detail about what to bring with you, but this post will help those of you looking for an outfit, decide what works best for you.

Comfort and Style- the Best of Both Worlds

In most cases, wedding outfit shoppers don’t really have to worry about practicality in a design. In a typical, more traditional situation, a couple isn’t really going to find themselves hiking through the woods, climbing rocks or frolicking along a beach. In an adventure elopement, however, this can definitely be the case! If you are planning on saying your vows at a beautiful lookout point that requires some climbing, you want to look for an outfit that will not only make you look and feel beautiful, but can withstand the elements and movement of a walk or hike. Look for an outfit that will be suitable for the adventure that you have planned! Don’t be afraid of getting a little dirt on your outfit, either. That’s all part of the adventure and you’ll love how real and in your element you appear when you look back on your photos.

Some Things to Consider about How to Dress for your Micro Wedding

When thinking about what type of outfit you want to get married in, it’s super important to think about the activities that you will be doing on that day. Will you be hiking? Running along a beach? Saying your vows by a waterfall? All of these options sound amazing and are also activities that will probably get you a little dirty. Here are some things to consider when thinking about how to dress for your micro wedding adventure:


Think about the type of fabric you want to be wearing. Make sure that you choose something with breathable, durable and fast drying material. If you’re looking for a dress, something with lace details is a great option that will help you look beautiful and elegant. Other lightweight options, such as chiffon, (especially with an asymmetrical seam or a high slit), make for gorgeous and fun photos, since they offer lots of movement as well!


Consider also your ability to move in the material that you’ll be wearing. You want to be comfortable while on your your adventure. Consider a light weight shorter dress, A-line, long sleeve or something with a high-low hem. Avoid a design that is more restrictive around the legs, like a mermaid gown. For those who are looking for a tux, there are companies that make stretchy suits, for comfort and mobility as well! They’re called athletic fit tuxes and seem to be really comfortable for an adventure elopement situation. I recently heard of this really cool piece to wear under your dress, if you are planning on walking/hiking a lot with a particularly long or fluffy dress.


If you’re worried about your outfit getting dirty on your big day, consider wearing colors other than white. Off-whites, grays and even black make for awesome tux and dress options. Plus, I have always wanted to photograph a bride in a black wedding dress. Let’s make it happen! Also think about layering up with a shawl, sweater, blazer or other type of comfortable, warm but stylish outerwear, in case the weather calls for it. Do make sure that you can comfortably wear some hiking boots with your dress or tux, if your adventure involves a bit of a trek. Click here for more info about what else to bring on your adventure elopement!

In Conclusion..

No matter what you wear, just remember that this is your special day! No matter what happens, the dirty hiking boots, muddy wedding dress, messy hair and smiles are what will remain. So go wild, kiss in the rain, trash the dress, shout your love from the mountaintops and just have fun! I hope this blog helps you decide how to dress for your wedding.