Intimate Wedding in New Paltz

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Crystal Torres

November 6, 2022

Hey Friends!

One of my last weddings of 2022 was that of this wonderful couple from New Paltz, NY, Mareesa and Nick! They celebrated their special day in the comfort of their own back yard. It was a beautiful late summer day filled with tons of love, joy and fun! Here are some highlights from their special day!

How/where did you meet?

We we were introduced through a mutual friend and we met at the mall when we were all mall rats!

What made you sure that you wanted to get married? 

Our situation was a little unique because we met so young dated for a year broke up then got back together and we’ve been together ever since almost 11 years! So we were pretty sure that we wanted to get married ! Lol but just knowing that I can be 100% my authentic self with him and that we have such a deep understanding of each other, we have each others backs, we just have an unconditional love for each other. 

How did he propose?

He took me to an amazing jeweler and basically said “tell him what you want and he can make it” and that’s kind of how he proposed haha.

What are some of your favorite memories from your wedding day?

Some of my favorite moments from my wedding was the dancing! I love dancing and everyone got up to dance which was great, the moment my husband and I were being married I immediately started crying lol, taking the photos with Crystal was awesome ! And I honestly everything was just great.

If you had some advice for couples planning their weddings now, what would it be?

Oh man I have a lot of advice to give but I’ll keep it to the main things I think I could have done. 

1. Take your time planning ! No matter how long just do it effectively and efficiently. Make sure every vendor you have is exactly what you want and the style your going for, take your time with decor etc. do not rush! 

2. Make sure you don’t get injured before your wedding ! Lol I happened to get a rope burn on my ankle which was a total set back but everything turned out fine thankfully but yea just make sure you be careful a couple weeks before wedding you don’t need the added stress of an illness or injury. 

3. And lastly don’t freak out too much it is just a party, enjoy it, enjoy the hard work you put in, don’t worry about other people and their opinions, just have a great time in the end the little details really don’t matter!


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