Engagement Session in Kingston NY

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Crystal Torres

December 27, 2022

Hey Friends! I wanted to share one the of the last wonderful photo sessions that I had in 2022. I met Amanda and Mark via a website inquiry and it was an instant connection. I felt like I was chatting with old friends from start to finish and their engagement photo session in Kingston NY was so much fun! We walked around on a chilly day and even took some photos indoors at an awesome record store, Rhino Records. Keep scrolling to read this adorable couple’s love story and check out highlights from their shoot. They ask some great questions at the end what I hope to answer in the future in another blog post. Congrats Amanda and Mark!

How/where did you meet?

Amanda’s Perspective : We met through my cousin, who worked with Mark at the time. I had just been through some stuff so she invited me to hang out with her and her friends. They just so happened to be meeting up at Mark’s house. The connection was immediate, but it took us about 6 more months to feel it out and get past some walls we both had put up so that we could start a relationship in a healthy place. It was HARD, but giving space and patience to one another created a strong foundation.

Mark’s Perspective: We met through Amanda’s cousin, who showed me pictures of Amanda months before we actually met. When we met, she never actually made eye contact, but I was crushing hard. We talked for about 6 months and started dating after that.

What made you sure that you wanted to get married?

Amanda – When Mark and I moved in together, we struggled a lot. I was in college and Mark was a fairly recent graduate so we hadn’t really had our footing yet as individuals. We were growing as individuals which was scary because there’s a fear that taking space to grow individually can lead to growing apart as a couple. I think navigating that together and growing closer in the process was what made me want marriage. I wanted this person to keep growing with and I knew this was the only person I could do that with and maintain my individuality. It was the most supported and safe I had ever felt and I can’t imagine a single day where I wouldn’t want to feel that way.

Mark – I’ve known pretty much since the beginning. We always clicked and have always been on the same page (even though technically she reads faster than I do, haha). I have always known I wanted to get married, we just had to wait until we felt financially secure to do the wedding thing.

How did he propose?

Amanda – I had been stuck in traffic for like an hour after a workout. I was in such a bad mood. When I got home, all I wanted was junk food. We went to the grocery store for snacks. When we got back home, Mark ran out to the car because he forgot something and I did not feel like waiting for him so I started ripping into the junk food. When he came back in, I was still getting into all the snacks faced away from Mark when he got on one knee. I am ready to pig out at this point and when I heard his knee hit the ground I thought he dropped something so  I spun around to make sure everything was okay and he was proposing. It was just our every day type of event. Comfy at home together ready to encourage all of the snack eating. I think it was super special that it happened right in the middle of some quality time together. We are super laid back in that regard.

Mark – For the proposal, I wanted to catch her off guard by doing our day-to-day shenanigans. I even intentionally waited for her to be in basically sweats when I dropped to my knee. She completely did not expect it. And our dog Toby was just as confused.

What are some of your favorite memories from your special day?

Amanda – It was like 9 o’clock at night so I think going to bed together, doing our daily crossword and knowing that tomorrow when we wake up its the next part of forever. I get to do these things I love forever. It felt very comforting.

Mark – My favorite memory was the shock on her face with snacks in her hand. I will have that picture in my head forever. 

If you had some questions for couples planning weddings now, what would they be?

Amanda – I think my biggest question is just what brides feel about some of the traditions. Which traditions have you kept for your wedding day? What are some traditions you want to do away with and why? 

Mark – What does your time management system look like? How do you make it easier on your partner while the planning is happening?


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