My Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts

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Crystal Torres

March 11, 2022

Hey friends,

So, I wanted this blog post to be something resourceful. I thought it would be cool to compile a list of some of (what I think) the best gifts that you could give your bridesmaids. I notice a lot of brides come to me with this question, so here’s a little something to help get those creative juices flowing when deciding what the heck to give your all too deserving bridal party!

Oh, and bear in mind: when selecting gifts for your bridal party members, pretend it’s their birthday! I personally hate things inscribed with the word ‘bridesmaid’. I mean, do you really see your besties using that satin robe with the word ‘bridesmaid’ scrawled across the back, at any future occasions? Think about things you all like doing together as well as what their individual interests are. Be sure to make sure the gifts that you are choosing are usable after the wedding day!

My Favorite Gift Ideas

A go-to gesture of gratitude is to pay for your bridesmaids hair and/or makeup.

Maybe even score huge brownie points by purchasing their dresses (if it fits the budget).

Edible things and favorite drinks are thoughtful, fun and I honestly don’t know anyone who would be mad about a food gift!


A beautiful, yet simple necklace that can be worn beyond the wedding day.

Simple, yet gorgeous gold bracelet that can be dressed up or down.

Practicality is Key

This adorable Kate Spade umbrella if you’re anticipating a little rain on your big day.

Help keep your besties hydrated with these cute and practical water bottles.

Help keep them warm with a beautiful scarf if the temps drop and their dresses are sleeveless.

Help them keep all of their weekend essentials in one place with this awesome and stylish duffle.

Personal, personal faves

I am a huge plant fanatic and also a sucker for a wonderful smelling candle. if you have a plant obsessed bridesmaid, these planters would make an amazing gift!

Your bridesmaids are some of the most important people in your life. I get that sometimes it can be really frustrating trying to nail the perfect gift for someone who you care for so dearly. I hope this list helps steer you in the right direction in finding something amazing to thank your bridesmaids with!


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