How to have a Wedding on a Budget

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Crystal Torres

March 22, 2022

Hey Everyone!

So in the spirit of wanting to help out my current and potential clients, I have decided to tackle yet another very common topic that I have come across: how to have a wedding on a budget. Let’s face it; no matter how “affordable” you try to keep your wedding, you will end up spending something. With weddings averaging anywhere from $30k-$60k, the task of keeping your budget low can be daunting. I am here to help! Here are a few tips that will hopefully steer you in the right direction of having a budget-friendly wedding that is still amazing, beautiful and everything you’ve always dreamed of having!

1. Choose an off- peak wedding date.

Most venues offer offer a discounted rate if you choose to get married on a weekday. Some places may even offer off peak season rates. Basically, avoid Saturdays!

2. Hire local vendors.

That helps cut costs on the dreaded travel fees.

3. Skip the open bar.

Sometimes beer and wine is all you need at a party.

4. Buffet over Sit- Down Dinner.

You don’t have to worry about wait staff or food going to waste with a buffet. Everyone pretty much takes what they want and you can score some awesome leftovers at the end of the night!

5. Go vintage for your bridal attire.

I totally understand the sentimental value of the whole wedding dress shopping experience. However, people get married everyday, and you’re on a budget, so thank goodness for the internet and online resellers like or! People change their minds about their wedding dress styles all the time, so you might be lucky enough to score a huge deal on the dress of your dreams on a site like this. Some dresses sold are brand new, unworn and even unaltered! (If you are, in fact thinking of wearing a dress. I personally love the idea of bridal jumpsuits, rompers, suits etc and those can also be way cheaper than a gown!)

6. Don’t get such a huge cake.

Opt for a smaller cake and a dessert bar/ grazing table that your guests can pick and choose from. Not everyone is a big fan of cake, so a table with an assortment of goodies and coffee is always a welcome sight.

wedding cake, Shadows on Hudson. Poughkeepsie, NY

7. Have your reception at a restaurant instead of a catering hall.

I mean, if you really want all the fanfare of a catering hall with a dance floor and a DJ, I can’t really stop you there. There are, however lots of amazing restaurants that have private rooms for events. If you’re going the more ‘intimate wedding’ route, then that’s definitely an option that might suit you.

8. Hire your photography and videography team for less hours.

Take an honest look at your timeline and think about what you want recorded and photographed. Most photographers (like myself) and videographers offer hourly rates besides their full day packages. Don’t be afraid to ask what their hourly rates are! Many couples opt to only have the ceremony photographed in detail, with only a few highlights of the reception. If you really care about every single little detail, from dressing up to cake cutting, that’s totally your call. But of you organize your timeline and discuss what you’re looking for with your photographer, you may find that you don’t really need a full 8-10 hour day!

I truly hope these tips are helpful to you in your wedding planning process. With rising costs of goods and services, it’s easy to feel discouraged about having the wedding of your dreams on a budget, but it is possible!