More Than Just Wedding Photography

young woman at Long Dock Park Beacon NY. Editorial Mermaid Pinup Summer Photo sessions.

Crystal Torres

July 2, 2021

Hey Lovers!

I am so excited to share some of my very latest work with you. So lately, I have been on this awesome creative streak, so I took the time to coordinate a couple of creative shoots. I cannot tell you just how amazing it has been to step outside of my comfort zone and just create what has been on my heart! I began doing this a few months ago, when a fellow photographer and friend, invited me out to a sketchy looking trailer to take photos of a model. It was so creepy at first, because the trailer was in a pretty remote area, but ended up being such a fun experience. After that, its like all I could think of doing was getting creative!

I am so happy that I have begun to embrace this part of myself. It has truly rekindled my love for photography. I have also decided to offer creative and branding sessions for anyone looking to rebrand, or just create something beautiful, different and fun! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good wedding and adore couples sessions. I am just excited to be doing more than just wedding photography. It feels amazing to be exploring and letting the creativity just flow.

Pinup Editorial

I am super proud of the past two creative sessions that I coordinated and shot. They were both done at Long Dock Park in Beacon, NY. This first session was a simple pinup editorial session with the beautiful, sweet and wildly talented Sarah Hartstein. She was an absolute dream to work with; so laid back, friendly and photogenic! This shoot was my very first self-coordinated creative shoot. It was as simple as reaching out to someone and asking, “hey, mind if I take your photos?” I’m so glad to have been introduced to her and so grateful that she allowed me to take these.

young woman stands at the riverfront. Long Dock Park, Beacon NY

Moody Mermaid Fantasy Editorial

Ok loves, this shoot right here!! It almost didn’t happen, but I am so happy I continued with the planning and coordination, despite recently dealing with the loss of my mom. This shoot truly surpassed my expectations and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. I am so fucking PROUD of the creative team that pulled together to make this dream a reality. It’s just crazy to see the creativity we are all capable of. Corey Jason Crysler was the incredible makeup artist for the shoot. Sarah May Floral Design created the most magical, realistic and beautiful flower crown I could ever have asked for. Sarah Randle was our insanely talented, sweet and humble model. Together we made literal magic. I actually teared up when I opened up the photos on my computer to edit them. I haven’t felt this passionate about photography in a long time. It is truly something special when you fall in love all over again with the thing you love doing the most!


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