Engagement Photo Sessions and why they are Important

Engagement sessions and why they are so important. Newly engaged couple dances together on a hill.

Crystal Torres

March 23, 2021

Hey Lovers!

So I just wanted to post a quick little informative blog post about why I LOVE engagement sessions. Keep reading to learn why I believe they’re so important to the whole wedding photography process.

They are great practice!

I want your whole photography experience to go as smoothly and naturally as possible on your big day. Your engagement session is a great way to break the ice with me and get the jitters out, since being in front of the camera can be an overwhelming experience for some. We can get a feel for your taste and style. Do you like more carefree and candid shots? More stylized poses? Your engagement session will help us determine all of that and more for your wedding.

They help build trust

Trust is essential to my relationships with my clients. When we connect well and you see that I understand what you like and dislike and that I know how to make you look amazing in your photos, it helps us all relax and truly enjoy the photography experience together. These sessions are also a great way for me to help you plan things out a little more. Need some outfit ideas? How about some location suggestions? Ive got you covered!

They are so much fun!

Your engagement session is your first chance to give your friends and family a glimpse of your wedding style, your vibe and just a great way to celebrate your love! It’s also a fun way to take your mind off of the stresses of wedding planning, while having me take some ah-MAZING photos of you. Let’s start by picking a nice location; we can go for a beautiful nature hike or a casual stroll thru a chic little city. We can grab some food or coffee to go along the way while we explore the area. Let’s pose under some beautiful trees, or even splash around under a waterfall; it’s your call! Plus, you’ll have great photos to use for your Save-the-Dates!

I hope this was a helpful read for you newly engaged couples (or people who are getting ready to pop the question) who are interested in having me take your photos! Click the here for some of my latest engagement photo sessions. Thanks for stopping by!