Wedding at The Appel Inn

Crystal Torres

November 4, 2021

Hey Friends!

I am so excited to share another beautiful wedding with you all. Shirley and Dan connected with me online through my website. As I got to know them, I could see that they were such a down to earth, low-key and sweet couple. They got married at the gorgeous and rustic Appel Inn up in Altamont, New York. They were truly a dream to work with. Their wedding was so much fun and absolutely beautiful! Some of my personal favorite parts of their day were the Korean tea ceremony, as well as their first look (of course!). Keep scrolling to read about this beautiful couple’s wedding journey, from start, to first kiss as newlyweds. Thanks for stopping by!

How/where did you meet?

We met at my friend’s birthday party in September of 2011 at a karaoke bar. Another friend of mine invited Dan’s best man, James, and Dan tagged along.

What made you sure you wanted to get married?

I don’t think there’s one moment that made me sure, but I think moments where we would do regular things like watch tv after work together, or cook and eat together, quiet moment where there was no pressure to be anyone or anything other than ourselves.

How did he propose?

First, I was staying at my mom’s house for the July fourth weekend and he called asking if I would like to go to Atlantic City and see the fireworks. I told him no, that it would probably be too crowded. After some grumbling, we settled for the weekend after (I was a little annoyed he wanted to go so badly). He told me I could have anything I wanted for dinner and I picked Popeyes! After he asked if we could take a walk at the beach and we went, walked to almost the end. He asked if I wanted to walk back and I turned to see if there was any more boardwalk, when I turned back around he had the ring out. He later told me I turned around too quick, he didn’t have time to kneel (haha).

What are some of your favorite moments from your special day?

Oh gosh, it went by so fast. Putting on the dress and having the first looks. The Korean ceremony was fun. I felt very relaxed after all the formalities were done.

If you had some advice for couples planning their wedding now, what would it be?

Don’t sweat the small stuff, everything will come together in the end and if something is missing, no one will know. Enjoy being together. Oh, and for the bride, definitely break in your shoes before the day (my feet were killing me during the ceremony).

Thanks so much for sharing, Shirley! Best wishes and tons of love on your new journey with Dan by your side!

Additional Wedding Highlights

Gown: Selfa Bridal

Floral design/ bouquet: Olive and June Floral Co


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