Intimate Wedding at FDR Historic Site

intimate wedding FDR historic site sunset portraits crys torres photography

Crystal Torres

October 19, 2021

Hey Lovers!

I am so excited to share another beautiful wedding with you all. Amanda and Adam connected with me through Maria of Adventure Elopements HV. From our emails and phone calls, I knew they were going to be such a joy to work with! They had a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony at the Beatrix Ferrand Garden, located in the FDR Historic Site. Despite some hiccups here and there, the day turned out beautiful and I had the greatest time ever taking sunset portraits of them. Keep scrolling to read about this beautiful couple’s wedding journey, from start, to first kiss as husband and wife. Thanks for stopping by!

How/where did you meet?

We met on a wine tour actually. All my hometown friends do this once every summer and Adam was moving from MD to NY. He was invited by a mutual friend that he knew from college (one of my closest childhood friends). However, we became very good friends for years before we started dating! 

What made you sure that you wanted to get married?

He’s the only person that has ever truly made me feel secure. Someone I never have to question how he feels about me.

How did he propose?

We were moving to SC for the winter, so we made goodbye plans with our mutual friends where we all used to live (UES in Manhattan).  He brought me to Carl Schurz park which is right on the East River, where we always took walks together or sat at a bench overlooking the lighthouse on Roosevelt Island, when we first started dating. 
The day he proposed, he had my best friends from college (& 2 other very loved friends) holding a “Will You Marry Me” sign across the river at the lighthouse. He surprised me with some of our friends and family being there to celebrate right after (smaller group because of Covid), and everyone else joined on zoom to watch.

What are some of your favorite memories from your special day?

Honestly, just being together the whole time. Having our immediate families together the whole weekend (they all finally met!), the kids running around happy. The weather was absolutely perfect too. 
OH! and I cannot forget laughing together (once the shock wore off) of how ridiculous it was that it was suggested we get married on top of FDR’s grave when our original ceremony site was double booked with a concert. 
So many things went wrong that day, but it actually made the day even more special. Luckily we had such a small group and everyone went with the flow – even the little ones! Very apropos for 2021.

If you had some advice for couples planning now, what would it be?

No matter how small your wedding is, make sure your wedding planner is there the day of! 
We had quite the messy day of double bookings and cancellations and because we thought we didn’t need our planner (since we were only 9 adults and 3 kids), we ended up looking like crazy people running around, figuring out how to make it all work. 

Thanks for sharing, Amanda. Best wishes on your new and amazing journey!