A Quick Posing Guide for Couples and Photographers

Crystal Torres

June 3, 2021

Hey Lovers (+ fellow photogs)!

So over the years, I have always known that posing people and couples has been my biggest challenge. I recently learned an awesome tip for getting great, real, heartfelt poses that truly change the dynamic of your photos. I have started implementing it into some of my latest work and I am excited to share it with all of you in A Quick Posing Guide for Couples and Photographers. Ok, so here is goes.. the key is to get your clients MOVING! I know, right? My mind was blown, too, when I first read this on an instagram post by @maddiesullivan, as well as a few posts that I came across on Pinterest. Such a simple concept can really create dramatic results.

I have become so tired of the same old prompts and poses. I have even felt frustration during times when I draw a blank. Lately, though, I have fallen in love with asking clients to dance to their favorite song, pick each other up and even run around! Clothing that allows for some movement really helps, too. You can download my free What To Wear guide here, so that you can gain more insight on good photoshoot outfits. So, fellow portrait photogs, I hope you all benefit from this quick posing guide for couples and photographers. As for you, current and future clients of mine, make sure to wear something comfy and get a good stretch in before our photo session. We will be moving! Say goodbye to boring prom poses and get ready for some truly genuine, fun and heartfelt photos of you and your love in ACTION.

That’s all for now, Thanks for stopping by!