Engagement Session at Vanderbilt Mansion

newly engaged couple shares a kiss

Crystal Torres

October 8, 2020

Hey Lovers!

It has been a busy couple of weeks with new client friends & photo sessions! I had the opportunity of shooting another engagement session at Vanderbilt Mansion with yet another amazing couple. I love hearing your love stories because they’re all different, but have one underlying theme; what’s meant to be is meant to be! Lyia & Joseph show just that in their sweet story.

“I met Joe in 2007. I was living in Marathon, FL (FL Keys) where I grew up & he was working at a pool company. A mutual friend introduced us and we hit it off right away. We’ve been on & off but never lost touch. I ended up going to FL Atlantic University and he moved back up to the Hudson Valley where he’s from but since we never lost touch I decided to move up here after I graduated FAU to “give it another go” and it was the best decision of my life. We started dating when we were very young adults and have broken up multiple times. We were also long distance for a short while. But we wouldn’t trade the bad times at all because it made us understand how to communicate with each other which has made us stronger.”

I hope those of you reading feel encouraged even as you go through whatever challenges you may face in your relationship. Healthy communication is so important to keep that love going strong. Check out these highlights from their engagement session at Vanderbilt mansion. Hope you are inspired by their love story and their photos as well. Check out my engagement photo gallery for more of my engagement photo work and inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!