Engagement Photo Session at Vanderbilt Mansion

photo of brides to be by a tree.

Crystal Torres

August 19, 2020

Hey Lovers!

So this past weekend, I had the awesome privilege of photographing these 2 beautiful souls for their Engagement Photo Session at Vanderbilt Mansion. We had a peaceful and quiet walk through the beautiful grounds of the Vanderbilt Mansion Historic Site in Hyde Park, NY. When Deonta first reached out to me, she gave me a little recap of her and Chantelle’s love story and permitted me to share it here with all of you! Check it out and keep scrolling for the highlights of their session below.

“Chantelle chased me on and off for 8 years. We lived two hours away from each other. Whenever I went back to my hometown to visit, she made it a point to come around and flirt with me the whole night. She was persistent to say the least! After both ending wrong relationships and confiding in each other, one night while I was visiting home in drunken confidence I slid in her DMs for once. Since that night she has won me over and is the love of my life; we actually just had a son together last month. Oh and the kicker is she is my little brother’s best friend of 12 years.”

What’s meant to be is meant to be. Please enjoy the highlights from their Engagement Photo Session at Vanderbilt Mansion.  Thanks for stopping by!