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So a couple of weeks ago, I connected with a lovely wedding stationary company called Basic Invite. I was asked to write a sponsored review about a couple of their products including their Basic Invite Wedding Guest Books, so, here it goes!

I wanna start off by saying that this was super exciting to do, especially since it was my very first time doing something like this. I am going to give you as honest a review as possible. I keep it real, so trust & believe that if you’re interested in purchasing this product, that you are getting an accurate description & review of it from me. I was asked to review their wedding invitations & wedding guestbooks. You can check out their full line of products at

A Bit about the Company

So before I dive into the review itself, I just wanted to share a little info about this adorable company & website! Firstly, I absolutely love their aesthetic. I am all about the rustic, boho, outdoorsy vibes & this website offers products that deliver all of that, but also allow you to completely customize your item. Secondly, I love the fact that they have so many color selections without it feeling overwhelming. All of the products shown on the website have beautiful color combinations displayed but you can change them up all on your own to suit your own theme. You can even customize the color of the envelopes to go along with your invite color scheme. Thirdly, I love that the invitation sets are all completely cohesive!

From the invite to the guestbook & everything in between, you get an entire set of stationary that goes together completely. Honestly, I feel like that makes ordering from here so hassle-free. So now that you got a quick little overview of the site & selection, I am going to start off the review by showing you the amazing guestbook.

Wedding Guest Books

So I tried my hand at a little product photography to show off my sample book in all of its glory (its not my forte so please don’t judge lol). I decided to go with a very simple & clean book, but as I said earlier, the items on this site are fully customizable. You can even add pretty foil details to your items! I truly love the quality of this item. It has a lay flat hardcover with a nice matte finish & the printed design is clear & vibrant. The pages are bound with a sturdy spiral binding. The paper is nice, thick, high quality paper that won’t allow bleed through.

Basic Invite Wedding Guest Books close up of cover a close up photo of the inside cover of a wedding guestbook from the company Basic Invite.

Up next is the sample invitation. I decided to order the matching invitation, just to keep the look consistent.

Wedding Invitations

I ordered a simple, flat invitation & love how it came with a velum envelope for the outside & a solid one for the inside. I didn’t have anything printed on the envelopes, but Basic Invite does offer free address collecting & printing for your envelopes. Moreover, you can literally change anything about these invitations, from the color of the print, the foiling; even the shape of the invite can be customized! I liked the feel of the invitation. It wasn’t flimsy or cheap. It kept its shape even with me fiddling with it a lot & putting it in & taking it out of the envelope.

In conclusion, all of you amazing couples who are in the process of wedding planning, I am going to give these items a 5/5. I totally recommend Basic Invite for your wedding/ event stationary needs. Their pricing isn’t bad, either & they seem to offer discounts on a regular basis, which is a plus! Basic Invite Wedding Guest Books and invitations seem to be of great quality. I hope that you found this blog informative. Thanks for stopping by!


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