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So this past summer, I had the pleasure of participating as a model for a styled wedding photo shoot. It was organized by wedding planner Maria Krein of Adventure Elopements HV. One of the cutest and most unique things that I saw at that shoot was a mobile mini bar! It was my first time seeing something like that & I just had to learn more about it. It got me thinking about this new wave of mobile wedding services, so I contacted the owner, Kaitlyn. She graciously agreed to let me feature her tavern here on my blog!

I am so excited to share this with you all and keep an eye out; I plan to feature other really cool mobile services from the Hudson Valley Area right here. Elopements and backyard weddings seem to be the new normal for 2020-2021, so services like Nuzzi’s Tin Tavern are super awesome and perfect for such occasions. Keep reading for more information about Nuzzi’s and get a feel for how awesome and sweet Kaitlyn is! I can’t wait to feature more small businesses as I learn more about this new wave of mobile wedding services!

Photos submitted by the owner and credit to Noxon Photography and DNA Photography.

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Some Q&A

  • What inspired you to create Nuzzis Tin Tavern?

I have always wanted to own my own bar! I have been in the bar industry since I was 18! Seeing the trend with outdoor weddings , I had the great idea of creating a bar on wheels! We then built our first mobile bar, Annabelle, an old 1987 Chaparral two horse trailer !

  • What is the story behind the name?

My last name is Iannuzzi so I shortened it to “Nuzzi’s”! My dream is to leave my business to my three kids one day!

  • What was your mission at the outset?

My mission was to create a beautiful and fun bar experience for clients! Something exciting and unique that would be the talk of the party ! The best part is when we are driving and people look at Annabelle in curiosity of what it is.

  • When did you charter the business?

I chartered the business in July 2019! I remember the day, signing the paperwork to own my corporation! It was exhilarating for sure !

  • What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

We offer bartending service in our cute rustic bar on wheels! All of our bartenders are TAP certified! We also carry limited liquor liability insurance for each event.

  • To what do you attribute your success?

My Mom! My Mom was a single mom of me and my three sisters. She showed us growing up that you can do anything you put your mind and heart to! Her constant belief in my sisters and I is what has been my drive to accomplish my goals. I owe everything to her! She is a three time Ovarian Cancer survivor and for every event we do , we donate a portion to Ovarian Cancer research!

  • What made you choose your current location?

My location is not really a location! We go everywhere and anywhere !

  • What is unique about your business?

The fact that we are on wheels! Our little horse trailer opens up to a beautiful bar, with wood and copper accents ! We are one of the very first mobile bars in New York!

  • What are your responsibilities as the business owner?

A lot goes in behind the scenes for sure ! It usually takes about 3 days of prep work prior to any event. On a daily basis I am responding to emails and inquiries, creating shopping lists and fun drink creations for events. Branding on social media is a big part of my day to day activities as well! I am also in the process of restoring a vintage camper into our second mobile bar, so I am always busy for sure!

  • What made you choose this type of business?

It’s funny I get asked this many times! I am a Certified Nuclear Medicine Tech and do not currently work in the field, I chose the bar industry. I have been bartending for 17 years and it’s my true passion. I love building relationships, meeting new people, making delicious and pretty drinks. I love what I do. Work never seems like work to me!

  • What is your favorite part of running the tavern?

My favorite part of the Tavern is when I take a step out of the tavern and look at what I have built. It’s a proud moment for me. I love seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces as they walk up to order a drink! I have so much fun and love what I do! I always had a dream of being my own boss, and running my own business. The turning point was when I turned my dreams into goals, took the risk, and made it happen!

In conclusion..

I am so excited to cover more about this new wave of mobile wedding services. COVID-19 has changed the scope of the wedding industry but has also encouraged small business owners to become more creative. I guess thats the silver lining in all of this! Thanks for stopping by!


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